The Easel

27th July 2021

A towering figure in South Korean art plans his legacy

One might expect Park Seo-Bo’s art to reference Korea’s turbulent history. Quite the opposite – his contribution to Dansaekhwa, Korea’s ascetic painting style, came out of an effort to “empty myself completely”. Approaching a work with a “lack of purpose in action”, he has created abstractions with mark making of “endless action and infinite repetition.” These acclaimed, shimmering works are, he hopes, a way to “stabilise the audience and restore them to peace”.

20th July 2021

Jennifer Packer and Hans Ulrich Obrist discuss the meaning and method of painting today

With a highly praised show in London, Packer seems a star in the making. In an artist interview that works better than most, she reflects on the Old Masters and her portraiture which has been described as “startlingly intimate”. “I saw Titian’s The Flaying of Marsyas where he’s strung upside down, and I was thinking about Titian painting this body and deciding how much care to give to Marsyas. I feel the same way: the idea of painting as an exercise in tenderness.”

Colour, Geometry and Pure Radiance

The importance of this retrospective is that it surveys all of Taueber-Arp’s work. And there is plenty to survey – textile designer, artist, painter, sculptor, architect, interior designer and dancer. What held these disparate areas together was “the vocabulary of modernist abstraction”. Says one critic “there is no design-Taeuber-Arp and art-Taeber-Arp, there’s just a singular, unified approach to creative life”. An excellent video is here.