The Easel

17th September 2019

Robert Frank Revealed the Truth of Postwar America

Frank was widely regarded as the “most influential living photographer “. The Americans, published in 1958 to mixed reviews, is now celebrated as a masterwork. Its sometimes rough, personally expressive images “shaped the trajectory of 20th-century photography” as well as “embedding “the snapshot aesthetic” into visual culture”. Some of his most renowned images are here.

11th September 2019

Sebastião Salgado: Gold

Salgado’s images of a gold mine in the Amazon were instantly famous. The mine had been photographed before, so why were his images special? His then editor thinks the absence of colour helped to highlight an “ideal” version of the male body. Mostly, though, he ascribes it to Salgado’s patience in seeking out images that spoke to his chosen narrative- “the idea of labour, its dignity and its degradation.”