The Easel

22nd June 2021

Want to go deep inside a great artist’s mind? MoMA’s Cézanne exhibition is the one to see this summer

This “staggeringly beautiful” show highlights Cezanne’s “weird” experiments in composition. He wanted a way of using “color and rhythm” to give an image stability and order, qualities he felt the Impressionist’s work lacked. If expressing a “logic of organized sensations” meant sacrificing legibility, then fine. His focus was to “re-create the structure of experience out of the units of that experience”. And the result of these weird, abstract labours … the foundations of modern art.

Charlotte Perriand: The Modern Life at the Design Museum

Perriand’s contribution to design reads like modernism’s ‘Top 10’ ideas. Open plan living. Adaptable domestic spaces. The idea of equipping a space rather than decorating it. A flexible relationship between indoor and outdoor areas. On top of all that, she designed or co-designed iconic pieces of furniture, including some modular designs. Says the writer “a visionary who softly changed the world for the better”. Some designs are detailed here.