The Easel

10th July 2018

The Seventh Wave

Engaging essay by Magnum photographer Trent Parkes about his images of Australia’s celebrated beach life. “It was the ultimate candid photography. No one even knew we were there as they battled to swim, surf and survive the waves. We would … shoot a single frame, maybe two if we could stay down long enough, before being tossed head over heels by the power of the ocean.”

3rd July 2018

Obituary: David Goldblatt, photographer, 1930-2018

Goldblatt’s images spoke eloquently of South African community values. “I’m not particularly interested in photographing [events but] in the conditions that give rise to events … There was this almost naked fear of The Black. And yet at the same time, there was an intimacy with blacks that far transcended the intimacy that I knew in my own home, with my parents.”

The presence and absence of Lee Miller

The re-evaluation of Lee Miller continues. Art history remembers her as a model to Man Ray. However, the posthumous discovery of her photographic work makes clear that she was much more. Her early work explored surrealism, followed by photojournalism in WWII and, after that, fashion photography.  She reportedly said, “I looked like an angel, but I was a fiend inside”.