The Easel

27th July 2021

Visionary textiles: How Anni Albers stake a claim for herself as a key modernist

A straightforward summary of Albers’ career and art. She opted for textiles because the Bauhaus prevented women going into painting. Once there, she showed weaving could be a modernist medium. Her career was marked by innovation – in materials, weaving techniques and aesthetics. She ultimately positioned weaving as a fine art and showed, via woven room dividers, it could also have a role in architecture.

20th July 2021

Colour, Geometry and Pure Radiance

The importance of this retrospective is that it surveys all of Taueber-Arp’s work. And there is plenty to survey – textile designer, artist, painter, sculptor, architect, interior designer and dancer. What held these disparate areas together was “the vocabulary of modernist abstraction”. Says one critic “there is no design-Taeuber-Arp and art-Taeber-Arp, there’s just a singular, unified approach to creative life”. An excellent video is here.