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7th June 2015

Say Good-bye Forever to Picasso’s Women of Algiers, Disappearing Tonight for $140 Million

A cry from the heart of an art lover. An incomparable Picasso is likely to be sold tonight for a huge sum and then disappear forever into a billionaire’s collection. But is this really its final hurrah? The auction manager strikes a pragmatic note: “…she said, in a tone that was distinctly silly boy, “A lot of it will be back here next season.”” (Ed. this painting did sell – for $179m)

6th June 2015

‘Digital’s Bitches’: The New Museum Triennial

Digital art quickly gets tedious when the ‘digital’ is emphasized over the ‘art’. No such mistake in this review of a current New York exhibition. Notwithstanding the art world’s struggle to come to terms with a new digital landscape, the resultant art needs to stand on its own feet, without verbose curatorial notes. ”[T]here’s no such thing as “digital art”… only art that might be inscribed with its ethos.”