The Easel

A chance to be involved!

Dearest Easel Readers,

Andrew (the editor and publisher of this fine publication) and I have decided to try a little experiment. For the first Easel issue of 2024, I will write an essay based on reader responses to the following categories, as well as any suggestions on your part for further categories. Think of it as a playful version of the end-of-the-year “Best Of” discussions.

Please email your thoughts and contributions to by December 20.

Here’s are some potential categories:

  1. Most Disturbing Work Of Art Exhibited in 2023 (‘disturbing’ is, of course, highly subjective. But you know what I mean)
  2. Most Confusing New Artist Of 2023 (perhaps someone working in a medium we didn’t even know was a medium, etc.)
  3. Greatest Re-Discovery Of The Year (artists or works that we’re suddenly amazed were overlooked or that had been more or less forgotten)
  4. Most Genuinely Beautiful New Work of 2023 (does the word ‘beauty’ still have anything to do with contemporary art? I think it does, but not everyone agrees)
  5. Funniest Artwork of The Year (this could be in either a good or bad sense)
  6. Most Thrilling Art Exhibition/Show of 2023 (thrilling in the sense of its sheer impact – as opposed to whether it was good or bad)
  7. Best Art Essay of 2023 (my essays being, of course, disqualified!)
  8. Best Artist of The Year (what does this even mean? But it could be fun to make a bold claim nonetheless)
  9. The artwork or art event of 2023 that made you the most cranky