The Easel

17th May 2022

The vibrating beingness of Seurat’s pointillist paintings

Seurat thought colourful Impressionism needed the discipline of the Old Masters. His remedy was pointillism – painting with meticulously applied dots of “simultaneously contrasting” colours. This technique “aims to deconstruct the act of seeing … Something about Seurat’s work just pulls you in. The mind wants patterns in the same way that the eye wants colours to merge. We want definition and borders. But sometimes, no matter how hard we try to keep it together, we cannot.”

10th May 2022

The Space Between: An Introduction to the Exhibition

Longish, but insightful. Riley’s early black and white abstractions were so startling they were viewed as optical illusions. Time has revealed that to be a gross underestimation. Her prolific output is about “open space, shallow space, multifocal space”, an exploration of perception via the use of ovals, circles and lines. From mid-career, Riley’s increasingly “liberated” use of colour has been an exploration of a different kind – “I was trying to paint sensation.”