The Easel

22nd June 2021

Charlotte Perriand: The Modern Life at the Design Museum

Perriand’s contribution to design reads like modernism’s ‘Top 10’ ideas. Open plan living. Adaptable domestic spaces. The idea of equipping a space rather than decorating it. A flexible relationship between indoor and outdoor areas. On top of all that, she designed or co-designed iconic pieces of furniture, including some modular designs. Says the writer “a visionary who softly changed the world for the better”. Some designs are detailed here.

Could Paris Challenge London as Europe’s Future Art Capital?

For now, New York and London sit atop the art world tree. Might Brexit allow Paris to displace London? The debate allows a glimpse of the inner workings of the art world. Paris has art-hungry billionaires, a surge of new galleries and (perhaps) tax advantages. London, on the other hand, has deep expertise in every conceivable art world specialty, endless institutions and galleries, famous art schools and one’s financier just down the street to conjure up the cash.