The Easel

30th June 2020

He Made Stone Speak

At 71, Michelangelo took on the build of St Peter’s Basilica and its problematic dome. “[It] presented the elderly artist with challenges on every conceivable front, from the declining powers of his own body to the demands of spiritual aesthetics to the physics of construction.” Michelangelo gave this task fully a quarter of his career, well aware he would never see its completion: “God had called him, and he had answered”.

23rd June 2020

How the coronavirus will reshape architecture

Modern home design, embodying our “ideal of domesticity”, emphasizes white sleek functionality. Lockdown has shown that this minimalism is not “enriching” and we now seek “textured hideaways”. Offices will need to become less dense. Cities will likely prioritise pedestrians and the “local” experience. Greater diversity in urban environments will “positively influence the global experience when we get back out there again”.