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7th June 2015

Giuseppe Penone Pushes ‘Indistinct Boundaries’ at Marian Goodman Gallery

The arte povera movement emerged when 1970’s Italy was wracked by economic and political instability. Penone and other Italian artists challenged contemporary ‘commercialised’ art, in part,  by using non-traditional ‘everyday’ materials. Penone’s work has consistently explored connections between natural and cultural forms and is currently on exhibition in New York.

6th June 2015

Upon Reflection, MoMA’s ‘The Forever Now’ Forever Sucks

MoMA’s first survey exhibition of contemporary painting in 30 years has not been universally praised. Artist selection is inevitably contentious but also at play are the high (and varied) expectations of a major institution. Add to that the ongoing arm wrestle between art institutions and art critics.  “No matter how big MoMA gets, it’s a shell of its former self, and this show proves it”