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7th June 2015

MONIR SHAHROUDY FARMANFARMAIAN Infinite Possibility. Mirror Works and Drawings 1974 – 2014

Islam’s fascination with mathematics resulted in geometric motifs being prevalent in its architecture and decorative arts. Blending these traditions with Western oriented modernism has produced the unique artistic style of this artist – and an extended exile after the Iranian revolution. At 91, the Guggenheim is giving her her first US retrospective

6th June 2015

Tools and Contemporary Art

This writer established the video program at MoMA over four decades. Her reflections on the emergence of video art and technology over such a long period are interesting throughout. She has also curated a series of short essays by current artists. This one that discusses the difference between the analogue and digital domains is particularly insightful.

Re-Thinking Duchamp

A comprehensive retrospective of Duchamp’s paintings in Paris has brought forth a spate of interesting essays. Duchamp is often viewed as the artist who tried to kill painting with a 1918 painting whose title is usually interpreted as “you bore me”. Of course, prior to this, he had scandalized the art world by trying to enter a toilet bowl in a 1917 New York art show. Fifty years after his death, the debate over his intentions goes on. Rose knew Duchamp and thus brings something of an historical perspective to her task. The Centre Pompidou catalogue essay is also worthwhile.