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21st December 2021

Conservative Backlash Erupts Over Notre Dame’s Restoration

Restoration of Notre Dame cathedral is a flashpoint for ‘modernists’ and ‘conservatives’. Conservatives won the first battle – the exterior will replicate what was there before. Now, proposed modern interior lighting and better space usage have produced claims of a “woke Disney revamp” that poses a “crisis of personality” for the building. Sighs one writer, it’s a case of “performative outrage” versus a “benign reality”. The interior design was approved last week.

14th December 2021

The Hot Market for Toppled Confederate Statues

Last year, US cities removed over 90 Confederate statues. It turns out that they are in considerable demand. Some become accoutrement – golf course decorations – or are melted down. Others, more interestingly, are wanted by curators precisely because of their odious symbolism – the “Lost Cause” of the Confederacy. They are being sought for use in juxtaposition to black contemporary art. Even after demolishing the object work is still needed to demolish the idea.