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7th June 2015

“The sky has entered our senses”: Paintings by Etel Adnan

Lebanon-born Adnan went via the Sorbonne and Harvard to an academic career teaching and writing in the US. Art is thus her second act but the accolades are now coming thick and fast. As the Australian artist Emily Kngwarreye showed, being in your 80’s needn’t stop you having an impact on the art world. Now 90, Adnan is currently showing in New York and Paris. Further background is here.

6th June 2015

A Ceramic Fairytale: Chigussa and the Art of Tea in Japan

The Japanese tea ceremony perfectly reflects the Japanese aesthetic and some tea making objects are coveted as works of art. This piece considers how an ordinary 14th century brown jar has become one of Japan’s most revered tea objects – art by selection rather than creation. Already by the sixteenth century warlords had their eyes onr Chigusa: it had become “the Elvis Presley of the medieval world of tea”.