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7th June 2015

What to see at the Venice Biennale

The Venice Biennale which opens this week is, according to some, the art world’s most important global gathering. It is titled ‘All the World’s Futures’ – though the curator says it has no over-arching theme – and will run until November 22. This review gives an idea of the scale of the event and some highlights.

First Look: Poussin and God at the Louvre

Scholarly debate has raged for years on how to interpret the paintings of Nicolas Poussin. Conventional wisdom (following art historian Anthony Blunt) has emphasised his Stoic philosophy. It now appears that Blunt not only concealed his true identity as a Soviet spy but he also suppressed evidence of Poussin’s orthodox Catholic outlook. The Louvre has mounted an exhibition of Poussin’s work in support of this new scholarship.

6th June 2015

Horrible Art Histories

Interesting short lesson in art history. Grotesque art only got its name when Roman buildings were excavated during the Renaissance. The ‘art of the grottoes’ had an immediate impact on contemporary artists such as Raphael and has remained influential via artists such as Goya and the Surrealists. Today, computer generated graphics and new materials promise a new age of the horrible.