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6th June 2015

Cuba refuses to return seized art despite thaw in relations with US

The normalizing of relations between the US and Cuba is not before time but is bringing to light vexed issues in the art world. Should Cuba be refusing to hand back art works confiscated from Cuban exiles? Is the US entitled to seizing Cuban art works on exhibition in the US? What about works sold under the counter by Havana museum staff for a little extra cash? Expect lawyers at twenty paces.

The Strange Story of an Oscar Contender

Vivienne Maier was for most of her life a Chicago nanny. Just prior to her death, a box containing a large number of negatives and undeveloped rolls of film was sold at a storage locker auction. The surprise was not just that the images were of remarkably high quality but also that almost no-one knew she was an active photographer. A series of hugely popular exhibitions have followed. The film “Finding Vivienne Maier” was a nominee for this week’s ‘Best Documentary’ Oscar.