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7th June 2015

Yoko Onon and MoMA: Together as Last

Yoko Ono the conceptual artist has long been overshadowed by her other persona, the wife of John Lennon. This seems unfair – no less a writer than Will Gompertz acknowledges her provocative Cut Piece video as superb. Having her own show at MoMA is a positive change. Gopnik’s essay also puts Beatles’ baggage in the back seat

6th June 2015

Paul Cezanne’s ‘Card Players’ at the Barnes Foundation Insists on its Own Excellence

Some art critics – notably the late Tom Lubbock – can focus closely on a painting and illuminate its strategems and devices. Blake Gopnik and a fellow art critic are in this mode in front of a Cezanne masterpiece in New York. Start with the five minute video (here) and then read Gopnik’s follow up remarks. “There’s no money on the table, there are no girls, there’s no booze– so where’s the interest?”

Someday is Now: The Art of Corita Kent

A nun, Andy Warhol, communion wafers … clearly an improbable mix. Blake Gopnic spots an exhibition that is a surprisingly sophisticated offshoot of pop art. “[Sister] Corita was already launched as a tame print making nun, saw Warhol’s first Campbell Soup show in Los Angeles, and it shook her world and her art”. Further information and images are here at the Warhol Foundation.