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Have you ever looked at a piece of art and thought ‘if I had the time it would be nice to understand this better’? Well, The Easel is aimed at people just like you. It aims to collect the best art writing that’s available online and recommend those pieces to its subscribers.

It started when the editor got interested in art but didn’t really understand what he was looking at. One thing led to another and end result was this weekly newsletter.

Each week we send out an email with five to seven recommended reads, accompanied by a thumbnail summary. ‘Best’ in this context means thoughtful and accessible – something that is longer and more dispassionate than a press release, but not an academic tract. Something that is written for a non-technical audience. A little bit of enlightenment should not be too much of a strain. Splendid housekeeping is being followed so an archive of all recommendations will accrete over time.

The Easel is interested in all forms of art from all places – interesting things do happen outside of London and New York! So, if you know of good online art publications or writers that you think are worthwhile, let us know. We welcome suggestions.

And, if you like us, don’t keep it a secret!

Happy reading.

Andrew Bailey

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