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Comments from Easel subscribers. August 2019

Simply love this compilation, possibly the best out there online.

The Easel is lovely and succinct and so well edited. It is the only bulletin/newsletter I have elected to keep receiving as there are so many out there. Thank you!

Always smart, surprising, engaging, and accessible, The Easel brilliantly curates the art world, pointing us towards those ‘ironic points of light’ that are still able to give us needed hope in this strange world we now inhabit.

The Easel is my go-to for the week’s best art-writing. Always accessible, The Easel is a great resource for collectors looking for a deeper understanding of art and ideas.

I think that The Easel is one of the truly fine aggregation sites, as is. To use current trendy parlance, it’s well-curated.

I live on the remote island of Fair Isle … the wide range [of topics] is good for me.

The content and links to other sources terrific. The one para description helps me select the articles of most interest.

Thanks for what you do. It’s amazing for someone who would like to be in touch to get something that is quite comprehensive for a general interest in art type of person.

Fantastic product.

Always interesting.

I love reading about new artists and reviews and articles about exhibitions in remote galleries around the world!

Really enjoy the newsletter. Look forward to it. Almost always something in it I save for in-depth reading.