The Easel

20th February 2018

At The Prado

Being labelled as “exclusive” runs a risk that one’s coterie may move on. The most celebrated of 19th century Spanish artists, Fortuny’s work was technically outstanding – and expensive. However, the Moorish themes that so appealed to American collectors in particular, dated quickly. By 1900 this “watercolourist of genius” was forgotten outside Spain. More images are here and a nice video (6 min) here.

13th February 2018

12 Masterful Portraits Leave Their Castle For The First Time

Velazquez was the greater painter but, still, Zurbarán was a star of the Spanish Baroque. Velazquez went off to the royal court but devout Zurbarán painted for churches and monasteries. Probably intended for churches in the New World these monumental portraits instead ended up in rural England, scarcely to be seen in 250 years. Zurbarán, it seems, “is about to be rediscovered yet again”. A discussion of the paintings is here.