The Easel

11th June 2019

Francis Bacon: Couplings review – a taboo-busting opus of sizzling flesh

Superb, museum-quality shows like this are rarely seen in private galleries. On top of this, the reviewer thinks Bacon’s already lofty reputation warrants further elevation. Works portraying sexual battle showcase his style of being both “precise and ungraspable”. “This exhibition makes a great case for Bacon as [Picasso’s] true heir: the only artist who could add to Picasso’s metamorphic lexicon of the human figure.”

April Dawn Alison Casts Light On the Identities That We Hide Away

Alan Schaefer had a secret – April Dawn Alison, an after-hours female persona. Following his death, decades of Polaroid images were found, “an extraordinary long-term exploration of a private self”. In our social media age, a project “intended only for private consumption and personal pleasure feels so anachronistic and so genuine as to become almost sacred.” More images are here.