The Easel

28th August 2018

Overshadowed for Years, Milton Avery Became an Icon of American Painting

Avery, it seems, was nearly great. His talent lay as a colourist and seeing Matisse’s work led him to the idea of a painting as a field of colour, one without depth. Then he met Rothko who both promoted Avery’s career and was inspired by his subtle and distinctive use of colour. Avery’s work, said Rothko, was “the poetry of sheer loveliness, of sheer beauty.”

The Art of Wanderlust

Who’d have thought hiking was so complicated? The 18th century Romantics liked to depict trekkers experiencing the grandeur of Nature.  Modern art wants to do more. Rothko and others were ambitious not to show the hiker but to elicit the hiker’s feelings in the viewer. “Should art be about showing a person as he experiences a feeling or … actually creating that feeling?”