The Easel

20th March 2018

Suburban Gothic: An Interview With Eric Fischl

After noting that he didn’t sell at auction for as much as Koons, Fischl was told by a collector  ‘let’s face it, you didn’t make the cut’! Fischl is widely admired (and collected) for his paintings of striving American suburbs. Why isn’t he more of an auction room star? Perhaps it’s that the optimism of his suburbia no longer quite gels with the country’s present mood.

13th March 2018

All Too Human – Bacon, Freud and a Century of Painting Life review: The School of London gets a modern makeover

When Jackson Pollock was emerging in America, what was happening in post-war Britain? No one figure dominated, rather a prominent group of unusually fine realist painters, the so-called London school. Few critics seem persuaded that there was a school but most still like the show, even if a troubling number of works play to the male gaze.