The Easel

18th December 2018


Not a review of Delacroix the precursor to modernism. Rather, Sillman gets into his head. He was “frail, sexist, … a snob [with] bombastic ambitions. In other words, he’s full of it.” Delacroix “made the picture plane something “bloody and animal and hot. His famous idea was that paintings are bridges to the souls of the spectator [but] his paintings are more like planks thrown over his own abyss.”

11th December 2018

Richard Long: The Tide is High

In a show that mostly gets respectful reviews,  one critic asks a bigger question. Is this “giant of British art” still on the cutting edge? “The old certainties about what is certifiable ‘avant-garde’, still extant in the 1980s, have mysteriously vanished. [Long’s works] still seem to whisper under their breath ‘Bonjour, Monsieur Monet’. They are drifting away from the world we inhabit now.”