The Easel

10th July 2018

Patron saint of lipstick and lavender feminism

The focus of a London show – on Frida Kahlo’s belongings – is regrettable, says a reviewer. Let’s focus on her art. No, says Germaine Greer, the show has it right. Kahlo conducted her life as a performance. “To consider Kahlo as a painter only is to confuse one part of the performance for the whole. Her devotion to this process was extraordinary. The performance was her reality.”

Did brands’ faith in artists die with Campari’s posters?

Advertising is rarely considered art, unless you have in mind Campari. The company gave artists great freedom to create visual interpretations of the brand. Their bold advertising campaigns reflected current art trends and changed the way we look at advertising. No longer. “Commercial work now so often moves away from ‘inspiration’ towards ‘information’” More images are here.

Rare self portrait by Artemisia Gentileschi enters the collection

Baroque paintings don’t often make headlines. This one, by Artemesia Gentileschi, a contemporary of Caravaggio, is different. For London’s National Gallery it is just the 20th painting by a woman in their 2300 work European collection. Enthuses one writer, “This is one of the most important purchases the National Gallery has ever made.”