The Easel

20th February 2018

The thrill of light that you can touch

McCall showed his early “light sculptures” in lofts and warehouses. Fancy galleries however posed a problem. Without dust and smoke the light sculptures could not be seen. Haze machines and digital projectors have solved those problems splendidly – “the shafts of light are rendered with the same sense of form as a sculptor might imagine marble or bronze” An excellent video (4 min) is here.

13th February 2018

The Artist Questioning Authorship

Long but interesting essay about conceptual artist Danh Vo. His family were Vietnamese refugees and the experience seems to echo. His work mostly comprises objects—collected, collaged, repurposed – that are in some way ambiguous. He is a “hunter and gatherer” says his gallerist. The curator of his Guggenheim show is more poetic: he expresses “vagaries of lived experience and the flickering instability of the self”.