The Easel

13th August 2019

Bridget Riley, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, review: eye-scrambling insights into the workings of a truly great artist

A piece just out from behind a paywall. Riley went from doing Seurat-like pointillist paintings to black and white op art pieces in just three years. She realized that “although Seurat’s dot is comparable in its simplicity, the line has fractionally more going for it.” (Fancy that!). Restricting her focus to just a few visual ideas set Riley on a path to being “one of the very few living British artists who genuinely deserves to be called great.” Images are here.

Stick ‘em up! A surprising history of collage

An exhibition claims collage has a lineage of 400 years. Really? The gluing on of scraps of paper is venerable and yes, Victoriana “scrap work” was varied. But collage in the hands of Braque and Picasso (and the surrealists) was light years away from what came before. Beyond this art history squabble, collage is entrenched as a creative – and disruptive – force in our visual culture.