The Easel

14th August 2018

Magic Realism: Art in Weimar Germany 1919-33 review – sex, death and decadence

The aftermath of WW1 was, for Germany, tumultuous – abolition of the nobility, female suffrage, unemployment, social decadence. The art of the period was accordingly fierce. It reveled in “the perverse, the decadent, the depraved … rich and strange fusions of the real and fantastic.” Small wonder that Hitler saw in it an opportunity to discredit the Weimar republic. More images are here.

7th August 2018

The Tatler years: Dafydd Jones on his photographs of Britain’s partying aristocracy

Just for fun. The Thatcher years in Britain brought significant social change. Images of partying “posho’s” at Cambridge can be viewed either as student exuberance or, as the writer thinks, a last hurrah of the privileged. Either way, few will look at these images without some self-recognition or perhaps a twinge of nostalgia. More images are here.