The Easel

12th February 2019

‘Rockefeller effect’ contributes to Christie’s £5.3bn record total in 2018

The forecast calamities of Brexit, Trump and slower global growth are not quite yet with us. Christie’s, the market’s largest auction house, has just announced colossal sales figures for 2018. Phillips, Christie’s smaller competitor, has also announced growth in its 2018 sales. As a further sign of bullishness, Christie’s has increased the fees it charges for most art sales.

5th February 2019

Doing the Work: Carolina A. Miranda and Siddhartha Mitter in Conversation

A writer’s perspective on the art market and art criticism. Art fairs – “I just don’t think an art fair is a story.” The art market – “[combines] a speculative finance market as well as the traits of books and music”. The loss of small newspapers “What the alt weeklies did was community-building accountability journalism”. The internet – “has allowed this flood of new voices … I love the internet”.