The Easel

13th August 2019

London’s Turbulent Russian Market

Dizzying auction prices obscure the reality that markets are social, that is human, institutions. Take, for example, London’s low profile and low-priced Russian art auctions. “The lead-in is … a Friday evening party held at Shapero Rare Books, opposite Sotheby’s. Christie’s, on Saturday night, have the best cocktails; MacDougall’s, on Sunday, the best music … Bonhams stood out – by hiring the London Russian Ballet School to perform dances”.

6th August 2019

Where Women Outpace Men in the Market

A recent Easel essay highlighted the low prices for works by female artists. Is that beginning to change? Recent auction prices of works by women have risen faster than for men, a marked change from “the last 50 years”. Still, over 90% of auction revenues come from works by male artists so they “need not fear a drastic loss of market share to female artists anytime soon”.

Adversarial Art Worlds: A Report from Christie’s Art + Tech Summit

Maybe the revolution of algorithm art is less than imminent. Google likes the idea of AI art because it helps “humanize” AI. However, their engineers are not interested in claiming authorship of AI paintings. For them, art is just more data. That’s a problem. Christie’s – indeed, all the art world – sees “the hand of the artist” as paramount. “Christie’s thrives on scarcity. Google does not.”