The Easel

13th March 2018

Setting the Stage in North Korea: An Interview with Eddo Hartmann

North Korea is getting plenty of headlines. Are we beginning to understand it any better? Hartmann’s images from repeated trips to Pyongyang reveal a lot, essentially because they reveal so little – “the immense blandness of the capital city … compressed into one monumental ideological statement.” Where do people fit in? They are scarcely to be seen.

Exhibition: High Society at the Rijksmuseum

A spectacular show of “magnificent” full length portraits, once de rigeur for the wealthy. “Her lace collar flows over her shoulders like sea foam … the bobbled silk of her rich black dress, which complements Soolmans’s, if anything, more flamboyant outfit, the intricate ribbing of which would have taken hours of painstaking work.” (An alternative, paywall-free, review is here.)