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11th June 2019

The Rijksmuseum displayed ‘all the Rembrandts,’ and crowds went crazy

A lookback at the Rijksmuseum’s “epic” show of its nearly 400 Rembrandts, now in its final days. His self-portrait paintings are fabulous but smaller prints and drawings impress even more, especially those done after the death of his beloved wife. Overall, the show reiterates the “inexhaustibility of his invention. Nothing human was alien to him. He was us before we were us.”

4th June 2019

Cute puppies and octopus sex: A Japanese art exhibition reveals our fascination with animals

Animals, for the Japanese, figure prominently in their culture. They feature in the Shinto religion, sometimes with supernatural powers, other times representing human foibles. Animal iconography also appears in secular political and philosophical discourse. And, of course, there is contemporary kitsch. All in all, a very, very Japanese thing.